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Who am I?  Great question!  I am everyone in America that is trying to make a living.  Trying to get ahead.  Put food on the table.  Make sure my kids are safe.  Roof over our heads.  Avoiding debt.  Live the American Dream.

At least, that’s who I’d like to be.  Who I am in all reality is a guy that struggles to pay rent.  Can barely make car payments.  Has a hard time buying a tank of gas.  Deciding which bill to pay this month and which to let go until next month.

I am also the guy that my government lied to.  Told me that they were going to “fix” things.  My life would get better.  I’d have a job because they were fixing the economy.  My family would have free healthcare.  As a middle-class citizen I would not feel the impact of all the taxing that was going to happen ONLY to the top 1%.

I exist to prove to those who produce “news” they don’t know what they are talking about.  I’m here to show the government that they got it wrong.  They aren’t helping.  They’re actually causing more damage than good.  I live for the day when America – my family name – is back to where it should and could be, if that is even possible.

What I love the most about the “ABOUT US” page on this site – it’s all about all of us, you and me.  I’m asking you to join me with your voice and let’s create the shot that was heard round the world in the 21st century!


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