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We Have the Power

Nothing got me fired up more than hearing my dad say, “You can do it son!”  That statement empowered me to go beyond what I thought I could accomplish.  Everything is about expectations, isn’t it?  I’ve always said, “People will rise to the level of your expectations.”  If that really is true then here is what I believe the current expectations are for us “Americans” today:

You don’t know how to take care of yourselves.  You don’t know how to make good decisions.  You’re not capable of bringing up your children.

These lies are simply from the pits of hell!  I get very passionate about these issues because somewhere along the line we started to believe that we, as a people, are not capable of actually being adults.  Intelligent adults.  What went wrong?  Where did we step off the bus of being able to truly accomplish anything we put our minds to?

Some time ago I heard someone say that “you can do anything you put your mind to” was not true.  The explanation being you can’t just “be” an astronaut because you put your mind to it if you’re physically not able to be an astronaut.  Therefore the axiom was false.  For the person who said that I say, “I DISAGREE!”  Of course there are limitations on just about anything in the world, right?  The statement isn’t about aspiring to be or do something that is not within your realm of “capability” it’s about a positive expectation that you can accomplish anything within the realm of possibility and capability that you can accomplish anything.

It’s like my kids playing soccer (when they were younger) and the league didn’t allow score keeping because they didn’t want the losing team (oops, can’t actually say that) to feel bad about losing.  I though to myself… Do you honestly think these kids DON’T keep score in their heads?  We have removed the ability to WIN and to FAIL.  This is not a good formula for success in the world.  Just basic living.  If you don’t know what it feels like to fail, you’ll never know the depth of appreciation for a win.

We need to start with empowering out children to be more than they think they can be.  To rise above and excel.  This comes home to us as Americans – we CAN make a difference.  We CAN be the ONE that counts in an election.  We CAN and DO have the power to change the world – if we’ll just step up and make it happen.


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